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the sickest & softest merch I own


Absolutely obsessed! Can't wait for the next collection


I'm in love with my hoodie


our ocean conservation apparel

made from 100% organic cotton

Our apparel is made from 100% organic cotton, designed with people & the planet in mind. But what exactly does ‘organic’ mean?

Our handpicked organic cotton is grown with GMO-free seeds using farming methods that maintain soil quality, support biodiversity, and conserve water. Our process emits half as much CO2 and uses just 10% of the amount of water to create traditional cotton apparel.

We also ensure that no harmful pesticides, fertilizers, or other toxic chemicals are used to grow the organic cotton fibers. From farm to fabric, our apparel is truly organic.

10% of each purchase to ocean conservation

We don’t just support anyone. We vet each of the organizations to ensure that our values align and we’re supporting meaningful conservation projects. To date, we’ve supported projects that protect sharks, whales, corals, communities, and more.

Plastic-free and carbon-free shipping

Each order is shipped in 100% recycled plastic packaging. We offset each delivery by supporting ocean-based removal and direct carbon capture projects. We’re aware that carbon offsets are not a perfect solution and we continue to work every day towards finding more sustainable solutions.

Why ocean conservation?

The oceans are dying. For decades, the oceans have been subjected to brutal treatment, used as a dumping ground, and exploited beyond their capacity. Here are just a few of the threats that they face.

Chemical, oil, and plastic pollution

You’ve heard the numbers – an unspeakable amount of chemicals, oil spills, and plastic dumped into the oceans each and every year. All of them contribute to species decline and habitat destruction, threatening the entire marine ecosystem.

Overfishing & bycatch

Over 30% of all caught fish are overfished, rapidly depleting fish stocks of once bountiful species. Commercial fishing also harms non-target species like whales, dolphins, and sharks as they’re trapped in massive nets, a process known as bycatch.

Illegal fishing & poaching

Overfishing is bad. Illegal fishing is worse. 

Practices like commercial whaling and shark finning have been outlawed in most countries around the world. But they persist, furthering threatening already endangered species. These illegally caught marine animals are part of a multi-billion dollar black market industry.

Warming seas & rising sea levels

Climate change is no longer a future problem. It’s here, right now. And as the planet continues to warm, the seas are changing too. 

Warming air temperatures contribute to melting glaciers and increased sea surface temperatures, both of which elevate global sea levels. Rising sea levels and temperatures result in ocean acidification, killing plants, animals, and marine habitats. 

we’re on a mission to save the oceans


Our clothes are designed to minimize our impact on the planet. Each piece is made in a windmill-powered, Fair Trade Certified™ facility that's working to alleviate poverty across the fashion industry. We’re committed to being the most ocean-friendly brand on the planet.


10% of each purchase is donated to global ocean conservation efforts that are fighting to protect animals, habitats, beaches, and more. We thoroughly vet each organization to ensure they align with our values. 


Our mission doesn’t end with a simple donation. We're building a grassroots community of ocean advocates to fight for the future. By educating each other on conservation and sustainable living practices, we can save the oceans and the planet together. 


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