Shark Bite

  • Whales are eating billions of microplastics & a COP27 recap

    A two-minute read on how much plastic whales are eating and a recap of the UN's COP27 event in Egypt.

  • Fishing Bans in Marine Protected Areas & an Undiscovered "Oasis of Life"

    Welcome to Shark Bite #20. Fishing bans actually boost fish catches Hopefully, that headline was as confusing for you as it was for me.  Well, here...
  • Billions of Missing Crabs & Octopus Farm Protests - SB19

    A two-minute read on 7 billion missing Alaskan crabs and octopus farm protests in Gran Canaria.
  • Shark Bite 18

    A 2-minute read on plastic-free coffee balls and protections for the oldest shark in the world.
  • Shark Bite 17

    Two minute read on an indigenous community taking down big oil in Australian court and a new coral reef restoration project in Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Shark Bite #16

    A two-minute read on illegal sea turtle hunting and rerouting container ships to save blue whales in the Indian Ocean.
  • Shark Bite #15

    A 2 minute read on fish returning to southern Brazil and the largest offshore wind farm in the world. Hint: size matters.
  • Shark Bite #14

    A 2-minute read on the lobster boycott and an update on Antarctica's doomsday glacier.
  • Shark Bite #13

    A two-minute read on blowing bubbles to prevent plastic pollution and Greenpeace dropping boulders to stop trawlers.
  • Shark Bite #12

    Welcome to Shark Bite #12. Sea turtles are BACK For the first time since 2018, sea turtle eggs have been spotted in Mississippi. It’s still a bit t...
  • Shark Bite #10

    Welcome to Shark Bite #10. More new species! Surprise, there are more species in the ocean A recent expedition in the Central Pacific has turned up...
  • Shark Bite #11

    Welcome to Shark Bite #11. Spiderwebs to the rescue?  Look – we hate spiders as much as the next person, but these aren’t real spiderwebs.  A small...
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