Shark Bite #10

Welcome to Shark Bite #10.

More new species!

Surprise, there are more species in the ocean

A recent expedition in the Central Pacific has turned up 30 new species in a deepwater area known as the Clarion-Clipperton Zone. 

Most of the species were macrofauna (0.5 mm–5 cm in size), but they did find new species of sea cucumbers and starfish.

So what does this mean for ocean exploration? 

Well, with 80% of the ocean still unexplored, we don’t know. There are potentially hundreds of thousands of species we don’t know about.

Hope you weren’t trying to get over your fear of the deep ocean any time soon. Turns out, there’s a lot we still don’t know about the deep blue.

Hawaii says goodbye to coal

Hawaii takes a big step toward a clean energy future after receiving its last shipment of coal. And without any more shipments, they're officially shutting down the last functioning coal plants on the islands.

Hawaii is one of the most climate-focused states in the country. By 2045, they’re looking to generate 100% of their electricity sales from renewable energy. Currently, Honolulu has the highest solar capacity per person in the country.

And don’t worry about the coal plant employees, the energy company is planning to offer them jobs at their solar, wind, and battery storage projects.

Oh yeah, and we’re dropping the Fall 22 Collection soon. Stay tuned, we’re really excited about this one :)

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