Shark Bite #15

Welcome to Shark Bite #15.

Fish return to Brazil after trawling ban

Wow, what a big surprise. When you stop destructive fishing, fish populations thrive. 

Sarcasm aside, this is excellent news for marine biodiversity

Motorized trawling was banned in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul in 2018. The legislation passed unanimously in the state parliament, much to President Bolsonaro’s chagrin. That guy is hell-bent on destroying the planet, so every loss for him is really a win for the planet. 

 Local fishers report an increase in both the volume and variety of fish species in the area. One story recalls an elderly fisherman being amazed “because he was still a child when he saw a grouper for the last time.”

 The ban is set to hit Brazil’s Supreme Court sometime in the near future for the final say. Let’s hope Bolsonaro doesn’t get his way. 

World’s biggest offshore wind farm is online

Some 50+ miles off the coast of the UK sits the largest offshore wind farm in the world. And as of now, every turbine is producing power to power residential areas across the country.

How much power, you might ask?

Each revolution of a single turbine powers the average UK home for 24 hours. And collectively, the entire farm produces 1.3 gigawatts annually to power 1.4 million homes across the UK. 

When it comes to producing this kind of energy, size matters. The offshore wind farm, named Hornsea 2, spans an area over half the size of New York City. Each of the 165 turbines is 620 feet tall and equipped with blades measuring 265 feet in length. Sheesh. 

This comes at a great time for two reasons:

  1. European nations are desperate to reduce their dependency on Russian fossil fuels. Green energy will help them do that.


  1. Green energy projects of this scale are critical to reducing and reversing the effects of climate change. Our planet can't take fossil fuels for much longer.  

 In other news…

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See you next week. 



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