Shark Bite #1

 Welcome to Shark Bite #1

Sea Shepherd’s Operation Milagro

First off, Sea Shepherd’s Operation Milagro… 10% of each purchase of The Love Crew and the Wavedash Volley SS were given directly to this campaign.

The vaquita are currently the most endangered marine animal in the world, with less than 20 remaining in the wild. Two of Sea Shepherd’s ships, the M/V Farley Mowat and the M/V White Holly are stationed in the Gulf of California, working with Mexican authorities to protect these porpoises. 

Gillnets are the primary culprit for the Vaquita’s disappearance. SeaShepherd’s goal is to prevent illegal fishing using these nets and protect the porpoises from being killed by bycatch. 

By the way, “Milagro” means “miracle” in Spanish, which is what it’s going to take to save them. That doesn’t mean we’re gonna stop trying though. 

For a full write up on the Vaquita situation, check out our blog: How to Save Vaquitas, the Rarest Marine Animal on Earth

Coral Gardeners

Next up, Coral Gardeners… we adopted 6 Super Corals named KeAloha, Nazare, Mavericks, Cloudbreak, Jaws, and Teahupo’o. Fitting right?

Coral Gardeners crushed it in 2021. Since their inception, they’ve planted over 15,000 corals in Tahiti.

And in 2022 alone, they’re looking to plant 15,000 more. We (and the corals) are looking forward to seeing what they can do.  

If you want to check out the full scope of their work, they just dropped their 2021 Impact Report. Give it a read here.

See you next time.



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