Shark Bite #2

Welcome to Shark Bite #2.

Changing Tides Foundation

In March, we dropped The Love Crew and we’re donating 10% of every purchase directly to the Changing Tides Foundation, a women-led conservation org that empowers women to protect the planet. 

They just kicked off their “Love Your Mother” campaign, a global effort to plant seeds around Mother Earth and watch them grow. If you want to get involved, plant some seeds and share a photo on social media with #LoveYourMother.

Do right by the planet and plant some seeds this spring. 

They also just wrapped up their Plant-Based March. If you’re looking for a recipe for #MeatlessMondays, check out these Loaded Vegan Nachos. We already taste-tested them, they’re 🔥

Sea Trees

We also planted 100 mangroves with the help of Sea Trees, an organization that supports community planting and blue-carbon coastal ecosystems. They plant mangroves and restore kelp forests & watersheds to help sequester carbon and reduce the effects of climate change. We've planted 100 so far and are looking to 10x that number soon (stay tuned). 

They’re celebrating Earth Month in April (p.s. Earth Day is April 22, 2022, we’re looking forward to it).

They also just launched their newest mangrove restoration project in Laguna San Ignacio, Baja California, Mexico. We’ll keep you up to date with its progress. 

See you next time.



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