Shark Bite #6

Welcome to Shark Bite #6.

New Marine Sanctuary

The United States might be getting a new marine sanctuary.

Hudson Canyon, the largest underwater canyon on the East Coast, is poised to become the latest protected marine area in the US.

Located 100 miles off the coast of New York & New Jersey, the canyon stretches over 350 miles and is up to 7 miles wide and 2.5 miles deep at various points.

If approved, it would be the 18th of its kind in the US, meaning protection for hundreds of whales, sea turtles, octopuses, sea stars, and coral reefs.

NOAA is seeking public opinion on this… feels like a no-brainer to us.   

Trash in Space?

The ocean isn’t the only one with a trash problem. For the first time ever, trash has been found in space.

The NASA Perseverance Rover spotted a discarded thermal blanket while roaming across Mars, the first known piece of human trash in space. It was believed to originate from the rover itself, possibly falling off during its initial descent.

We’re already polluting the ocean, we can’t let the same thing happen in space.

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