Shark Bite #7

Welcome to Shark Bite #7.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court handed down a few controversial rulings before their recess – we’re going to be talking about West Virginia v. EPA.

Essentially, the ruling limits the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. They ruled that Congress, not the EPA, has the right to make that decision. 

This is a major blow to the fight against climate change. I don’t have to tell you how bad things have gotten recently – extreme temperatures, more natural disasters, and an unbelievable amount of lives & biodiversity lost.

In our opinion, this ruling is ironically what we’re trying to clean up – garbage. If you want to read the official opinion, check it out here.

That’s enough bad news for one day, let’s get to the good stuff.

Endless green power turbine?

After years of development, engineers in Japan have successfully tested a giant deep-ocean turbine that would provide an endless stream of power. 

Really… endless?

Yeah, endless.

Shaped like an airplane, the turbine harnesses the energy in deep ocean currents and transforms it into a steady, reliable source of energy.

We love renewable energy. And we really love when it comes from the ocean. Fingers crossed this project continues to move forward.

Beach plastic down 30% in Australia

I know we usually only write about two stories…But that ruling has us bummed out, so we’re adding a bonus feel-good story to raise the mood – and this one has us pumped!

Beach plastic has decreased 30% in Australia in the last six years! Thanks to a range of local initiatives to raise awareness and engage communities across the country, some areas have seen up to a 70% reduction in plastic waste. 

Now, weren’t those extra few sentences worth the read?

See you next time.



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