about us

KeAloha is an eco-friendly apparel brand rooted in ocean conservation. Our fabrics are consciously sourced to 

we've traveled across the globe in hopes of scoring perfect waves. instead, all we found were dying oceans. instead of enjoying beautiful waves and crystal clear water, we found ourselves consumed by the damage being done to oceans by plastic pollution, unethical fishing methods, climate change, acidification, and more. 


finally, we'd had enough. we founded KeAloha to protect the oceans & marine life that we love so much. made from recycled plastic & organic cotton, our apparel is designed with the ocean in mind. in addition to sustainable & ethically sourced material, 10% of each purchase is donated to ocean conservation. we extensively vet each of the conservation agencies that we support, to ensure that they align with our beliefs and that our financial support is directed to meaningful conservation projects. 

but our apparel is only one pillar of the KeAloha brand: to raise awareness. but we know that awareness alone is not going to save our oceans. we must take actionable steps to save them. as KeAloha grows, and you grow with us, we hope to transform into a conservation agency of our own; one that cracks down on overfishing, lobbies for protective legislation, support clean energy solutions to slow the rate of climate change, and so much more. 

we are so happy you've decided to join us on this journey, and we can't wait to see where it takes us. 

with love,

the KeAloha team

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